Our DVDs give you the chance to look back in time at the places you know. Our DVD range includes documentaries on topics such as wartime life, farming and steam railways. All our DVDs make perfect gifts ideas for Mum, Dad, Gran and Grandad, learning materials for use in schools and colleges or just a personal gift for those interested in heritage and history.

A Time Gone By: Life in the 1930s Part 2 DVD

The 1930’s a decade of facinating history, The king abdicates the throne, cars begin to take preference on the streets and unemployment is still high. Take a look ate the second part of the 1930’s in detail through unique archive … Continued

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Anglia at War – The Complete DVD Collection

East Anglia is at war. Blackouts, bombing raids and rationing will become part of life on the Home Front. The young men from the region will find themselves fighting in the most infamous battles of the Second World War. East … Continued

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Bringing the Empire Home: The Greatest Port in the World DVD

A film looking back at bygone days, when London’s bustling docks were the gateway to the Empire. View archive footage of the thames, docks and shipping industry of London. The sights, sounds and chaotic hustle and bustle of the world’s … Continued

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Nostalgia unique film footage of the 1960's culture in Britain.
Carnaby Street and Beyond: Life in the 1960s Part 2 DVD

Nostalgia unique film footage of the 1960’s culture in Britain. A facinating decade of creativity, fashion and music all going through a revolution of change. Swinging London is the centre of the world. Class and tradition are being challenged by … Continued

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Colchester & Chelmsford in the Sixties DVD

See how life changed in two Essex towns, from the end of steam to the onset of student rebellion. The 1960s: steam trains can still be seen at Chelmsford station, and the streets of Colchester are filling up with scooters … Continued

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Essex Past Part 1 DVD

DVD film of old Essex. Film and archive footage of Essex Past showing Dagenham, Chelmsford and Colchester. Essex, 1916: The first generation of children to be captured on film will live through thirty years of immense social change. Journey into … Continued

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Essex Past Part 2 DVD

Essex, 1945: the Second World War is over. Years of rationing lie ahead – but so too does free healthcare and full employment, holidays by the sea, motorbikes and rock n’ roll. Essex, 1945: the Second World War is over. … Continued

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Feeding the Nation: How Farming Changed Forever DVD

Film on the history of Farming. Feeding a nation takes a look into the change of Britain’s agricultural industry through two world wars. On the outbreak of WWI, farming was on the brink of ruin. By the 1960s, it was … Continued

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Floods of East Anglia DVD

DVD film of Floods in East Anglia in 1953, covering Norfolk and Suffolk film and archive footage showing how the 1953 Floods devastated East Anglia. January 1953: the sea surges above the coast, flooding whole areas of East Anglia. It … Continued

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Haunted London: True Ghost Stories DVD

A mysterious documentary looking at tales and eye witness accounts of ghosts in london. Visit Haunted theatres, Undergrounds and The Tower of London. A city that has been in existence for many hundreds of years should have it share of … Continued

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Ipswich in the Sixties DVD

Step back into the Sixties to relive the glory days of the ‘Tractor Boys’, the regeneration of Ipswich town centre and the latest pop sensation, the Beatles, playing at the Regent. Ipswich meets the swinging sixties! Ransomes is a key … Continued

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Ipswich Past DVD

DVD film of Ipswich in the 1900s. Film and archive footage of Ipswich town through the 1920s 30s, 40s and 50s showing past times. Relive the story of Ipswich as the town’s past comes to life before your eyes. Using … Continued

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